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With the growing need for highly qualified and experienced professionals, the Hiring Managers and Recruiters are on the war to get the right talent on board for the open positions in a firm. Whether it is a job with one position or multiple positions, the recruiting team must wade through thousands of resumes in order to get the right talent at the right time. Managing every data of the client is another stressful challenge for a recruiting team. A superb solution to help a recruiting team with all the recruitment challenges is a ‘Recruiting Software’.
With a Recruiting Software on their side, the hiring team can do most of their stressful tasks with the least manual intervention. The Recruiting Software saves the amount of time, simplifies the process of hiring and helps companies manage their client details at their fingertips. But, selecting a Recruiting Software with the right set of features is not an easy task as the market is flooded with thousands of options. To help you make a wise decision, we have listed seven must-have features that any Recruiting Software should have:

Candidate Profiles from Different Sources in One Place

The most daunting task in the recruiting cycle is to have a constant check on every possible source from where a candidate can apply. The candidate can either send an application through email, submit resumes on the job boards or even apply through career page. So, an ideal feature that really matters in a Recruiting Software is its ability to collect and organize applications from different job board sources without the users having to manually track the applicants. Whether you are sourcing resumes through the job boards or emails, a perfect Recruiting Software must help you get all the candidates’ profiles in one place and automatically parse, save and make every profile as searchable with the least amount of effort.

Ease of Tracking and Candidate Follow Up

It is great to receive applications for the posted job openings but tracking the status of every applicant is not an easy task. Sometimes it is hard to know where an applicant is in the hiring cycle. The unorganized resumes, applications and contacts can cost you to fail to fill a position at the right time by losing the right candidates. The productivity of your hiring team strictly counts on the efficiency of the Recruiting Software and how effectively it can track, manage and follow the candidate status. A Recruiting Software should let you breathe free from all the worries that you experience while managing the candidates’ profiles.

Create and Delegate Hiring Tasks

When you have a team of recruiters, assigning them the tasks are considered to be a critical part in the recruiting cycle especially when processing a candidate profile for a job vacancy with a tight deadline. Delegating tasks are a downright tedious activity for anyone. You have to check the availability, send notifications and track many other attributes before you assign the tasks to your recruitment team. The right Recruiting Software should have the features that allow you to share candidate profiles within your team easily and put all the information about a candidate in one place so that all the assigned members of your recruiting team can swiftly access the data they need. Notifications should be automatically sent to the specific recruiters as soon as the tasks are assigned. The right Recruiting Software should also have features that enable you to keep a close tab on each task, get you a bird’s eye view of each task and let you know to whom the task is assigned to.

Intelligent Parsing Capability

Managing stacks of resumes during the hiring cycle is a time-consuming process. Everyday Hiring Managers and Recruiters are flooded with a lot of resumes. They spend an enormous amount of time and efforts on manual data entry. But, resume parser is one of the important tools in a Recruiting Software that brings out a big difference in day to day operations of the recruiting cycle. It helps recruiters get candidates’ profiles in the talent pool with a minimal manual effort. Resume parser automatically extracts the candidate details like skills, experience, work permit, etc., and converts that data into an appropriately structured record in your talent pool and lets you focus on how you can improve the hiring practice.

Pre-screen Candidates

Selecting a right candidate from the bulk of candidate profiles is another cumbersome process in the hiring cycle. You may have numerous back and forth interactions with the candidates to filter out the candidate profiles that do not fit for the job. The Recruiting Software saves a lot of time that you spend on the unqualified candidate. The inbuilt assessment capability in a Recruiting Software helps you evaluate job specific qualities of a candidate before you schedule an interview. You can prepare job relevant pre-screening questions, enrich candidate profiles with the information received from the candidate and select the candidate who suits best for the job. With the questionnaires, you can quickly filter out the unqualified candidates and make sure that you are making the best use of your time when you interview a candidate.

Manage Customer’s Data

To thrive successfully in the recruitment business, you must save, track and manage all the relevant data of your customers if you want to deliver the best recruiting solutions. In-built CRM is one of the best features of Recruiting Software that helps you manage clients, vendors and candidates information, communication and relationships at your fingertips. With the inbuilt CRM functionalities, you can engage clients, vendors, and candidates, make notes, follow-up the statuses and track the efficiency of your recruitment business.

Post a Job on Multiple Sources

A common problem with recruitment is to make your job reach every potential candidate. Though the online world can help you reach candidates anywhere in the geographical location, still there is a chance to miss out the qualified candidates due to a great deal of time and effort to reach out to them. By using a Recruiting Software, you can post a job on all types of general and niche job boards with just a single click. You can even target candidates who are active on social media sites using a Recruiting Software. With a Recruiting Software, you can weave a broad network that may help you reach the right candidates as far as possible.
The above quick look at the seven features of Recruiting Software may give you a clear idea about what exact features you must look for in a Recruiting Software to increase your recruiting productivity and grow your business. If you are an employer with a big recruiting team or Hiring Managers, it is time for you to get the right Recruiting Software with the right set of features that rev-up your hiring cycle and help you recruit the right talent, with the right skills, at the right time.

How Talent Pathway can be a Good Choice for your Recruiting Needs?

Talent Pathway is an extremely powerful Recruiting Software that can eliminate manual time and effort from your recruitment cycle. The list of features in Talent Pathway can fit the recruiting needs of any company of any size. Talent Pathway is the best choice for companies who expect more features that a normal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) would not provide. From a job posting to candidate tracking and customer relationship management, Talent Pathway is a complete Recruiting Software with a set of comprehensive features that can make your recruitment highly productive.

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