Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Buying An Applicant Tracking System

Hundreds of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are available out there in the market. You can easily get baffled when you sift through so many options. Most of the ATS solutions let you post jobs, get candidate profiles and track their status. But the right ATS solution is the one that takes out time-consuming manual work from your recruitment process and helps you close jobs swiftly.  So, when you select an ATS solution for your organization, you must analyze how the solution could take the edge off your recruitment process and make a list of what exactly you need in an ATS solution to increase your ROI. This will give you a clear idea about what you should look for in an Applicant Tracking System. Here are some questions that may help you evaluate the right ATS for your organization.

How Better Can You Make Use Of The ATS Solution?

Easy-to-use is the foremost factor that you must consider when selecting an ATS for your organization. Does the ATS workflow best suitable for your process flow? Is the system easy-to-navigate through all the workflows? These are the two prime questions that can get your recruitment business on-track as soon as the ATS is implemented. Be sure, the ATS that you select is designed according to the recruitment standards that you normally follow during the hiring process. The distinctive set of skills keywords search and boolean search queries that you are already doing to find the right candidates are maybe your competitive advantage. Check whether you can search the candidates based on the keywords and boolean search queries that you normally use to source the candidates with the help of the ATS solution. The ATS solution should include easy to use dashboards and reports in order to assess your recruitment performance. There should be a user-friendly workflow to post jobs, add candidates and track the status of both jobs and candidates till the opportunities are getting closed.

The quality of user interface being suitable for users’ comfort is important for any ATS. Talent Pathway ATS solution took additional care to make every workflow look simple and clear so that even the users who are new to the recruitment business can interpret what to do and how to proceed to the next step in the recruitment workflow. Every module of the Talent Pathway ATS emphasis on the importance of oversimplified interactive experience. With the Talent Pathway ATS, the user can easily post jobs, add candidates, use analytics tools, and do more without technical assistance. 

How Easy Will It Be To Manage Or Post Jobs On Multiple Channels With The Help Of ATS?

Announcing a job is a vital task in the recruitment process. The more job boards you use to publish the vacancy the more candidates it reaches. So, you should consider asking the ATS providers about how many job boards do the ATS solution support? Are job boards that you normally use included in that list? How complex is it to post a job on multiple channels using their ATS? Make sure the ATS that you select should have a good combination of generally popular and niche job boards along with the social networking sites. Always ask an ATS provider to walk you through the job posting process when you purchase an ATS for your organization.

It is important for an ATS to be integrated with the major job boards in the market so that a firm can make its vacancy reach as many candidates as it can. Talent Pathway ATS offers a simple and straightforward job posting process. With the Talent Pathway ATS, there is no need for you to fill lengthy job opportunity forms while publishing a job. All you need to do is just select the job you want to publish from the list of saved jobs in the ATS and choose the job boards where you would like to publish and click a single button. The job gets published on the selected list of job boards within a few seconds. You will also get relevant alerts like the number of job posting slots remaining whenever you try to publish a new job. This helps you track all the jobs you have published till date. In Talent Pathway ATS, you can easily get access to all the job boards that you normally use to publish the vacancies.

How Efficiently Can You Track Candidates Statuses?

Another most important feature that you must check when selecting an ATS solution is how well it can track candidate status. Many ATS solution provides various options from where you can get the candidates’ profiles for your job openings. But, a good ATS solution is one that not only gets the candidates’ profiles from different channels but also tracks the status of each candidate throughout the hiring cycle. You should consider asking the ATS provider the number of sources from where the ATS can get the candidates’ profiles, about the level of accuracy the ATS can extract the information from the resume and how well an ATS solution can manage and track the candidates' statuses throughout the recruitment cycle.

It is a well-known fact that every application will be received either in the inbox or you will gather candidates’ profiles from different job boards. Whatever source you select to get the profiles, make sure the ATS that you chose must have the capability to search, manage, and track every status of the candidates as it moves through the hiring process. Talent Pathway ATS provides a highly advanced search tool that can source candidates from different job boards. With the Talent Pathway ATS, you can automatically parse resumes at a lightning speed, pull the information necessary to process the profiles, and save the profiles in a centralized database. Talent Pathway is more than an Applicant Tracking System. It puts together the information of all the candidates in one place so that a recruiter or hiring manager can easily follow the candidate status and have their data at their fingertips.

What Technical Support Should You Expect?

Technical support is another important factor that you should consider when you buy an ATS solution. As technology changes quickly, your ATS vendor must update you with new releases at regular intervals. You must know what type of technical support programs are there? What are the support hours? How often an ATS vendor may deliver the updates?

Talent Pathway can extend undue support in the circumstances where the ATS solution does not function in the way you expect it to or in case of any additional assistance needed. Constant and seamless updates are regularly made available for every advancement in ATS technology. Since Talent Pathway is a SaaS-based cloud application, there is no need for you to have an additional maintenance team. Talent pathway will be at your service at every critical step of your recruitment.

Which Pricing Model Is Best For Your Business?

Pricing is one of the most important factors that you must consider when selecting an ATS for your organization. As many ATS providers offer different features with the different pricing models, you should ask what features are covered in the pricing? Are these features available to all the users? Who can access the system? How many users can access the system? And what are the different subscription methods available?

The best way to select the pricing model is to compare the pricing page of every ATS provider and select the best pricing model that meets your requirement. Usually, the features are covered under different pricing model according to the rationales of the ATS provider. It is always adroit to have some information about various pricing models that are available in the market rather than bidding frantically. Amongst pricing models, the one-time licensing fee is the most traditional pricing option that is hardly offered in today’s market, especially where everyone prefers SaaS-based services on the subscription pricing. The subscription pricing is most economical for Small, Medium, and Enterprise level businesses. Following are the 3 main pricing structures that an ATS buyer should be aware of:

Pay Per Recruiter: an amount of subscription fee is incurred from the subscriber based on the number of users who will access the system. Under this subscription, the access is limited to the number of users who have signed up for the subscription.

Pay Per Employee: an amount of subscription fee is incurred from the subscriber based on the total number of employees or size of the organization. Under this subscription, any employee of an organization is eligible to access the system. Usually, this kind of pricing structure is not declared on the ATS websites. They are revealed on a request basis. You may not know if the pricing revealed to you is consistent with the market price for the size of your organization.

Pay Per Job Posting:an amount of subscription fee is incurred from the subscriber on the basis of a number of open jobs maintained in the ATS at any point in time.

ATS providers like Talent Pathway offers a competitive pricing structure that is tailored to meet the recruitment needs of the companies of any size. After intense market research, Talent Pathway has customized each of its pricing models with every essential feature that any organization expects in an ATS to make their recruitment process simple, quick and easy. You can easily get the features you wish with Talent Pathway pricing structure.


As recruitment business has become more competitive and the ATS solution providers introduce new features every now and then in their system, you must be on the ball while determining which ATS solution is the best fit for your recruitment process. Answering above 5 questions can help you get the right applicant tracking system for your recruiting process or at least give you a clear picture of what requirements should be on your hit list and how Talent Pathway can be a better ATS solution for your recruitment business.

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