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Optimize Your Recruitment with Our Cloud-Based ATS And Recruiting Software

Our SaaS based platform offers various features for managing recruitments, applicant tracking etc. Talent Pathway ATS software (Applicant Tracking System) helps you in candidate management, job management, account management, tracking applicants information, acquiring leads and converting them to prospects, vendor management, search option using keywords, notifications and alerts on various aspects for every action happening in the system. Our recruiting software is customizable to address all the business needs of recruitment and staffing agencies of any size.


Applicant Tracking System


Starting from MS Word to PDF formats, recruiters receive resumes in multiple formats. It’s a cumbersome process to pick the relevant details and manually enter into a proper format, especially when you’re receiving thousands of applications.

Applicant Tracking System helps to streamline candidate management from sourcing to submittal. It helps to improve the productivity of the recruiters, provide better candidate experience and take better business decisions.

The ATS software aids in business growth, job portal integration to post jobs and receive applications within staffing and recruiting software, send emails to candidates and clients. It also helps to streamline the recruitment process in a more productive way, thus eliminating the loopholes and thereby making the process more transparent and collaborative. Our cutting-edge recruitment management software is highly scalable, reliable and caters to all kinds of organizations.



Recruiting CRM


CRM is a relationship management platform and comprehensive lead management system that allows you to engage and nurture relationships with your existing and new customers and capture leads and pursue further business opportunities. Improve your productivity, sales and revenue. Forecast revenue growth and close the gap between sales and recruiting and meet the expectations of your customers. Streamline the sales process to be more efficient and track the status of various aspects such as accounts, job status, offer and placement.



Candidate Management


Starting from tracking the status of application received till the placement of candidate, you can perform several actions with recruiting software’s candidate management. Make use of our software capabilities and find the candidate and job details instantly, add candidates and track their stage, email candidates on knowing their interest, share candidate profiles to the client.


Job Management


Staffing agency software simplifies job management efforts from a single point location along with provision for job requisition management, updating the information of the job, clone jobs and more. You can prioritize jobs and deliver on time, find suitable candidates as well as job details, post jobs to multiple career portals with a single click and receive applications etc.


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