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Recruitment CRM

One of the major concerns of recruiting firms is managing clients. We address this challenge through our recruitment management system.


Getting Started with CRM


Our recruitment CRM will help you to manage the entire recruitment customer relationship management workflow from a single system.

Manages your clients, candidates and prospect relationship efficiently with our powerfully integrated recruitment CRM.

Helps you to build and maintain relationships with clients, monitor leads and clients, manage the accounts and identify the top business contributors.

Aids you to strengthen your relationships with clients and prospects.

Save Time and Effort with Email Templates

It is easy to keep track of leads with our email communication system. Talent Pathway comes with built-in email templates for your use. You can edit these templates and can directly send to the clients or the candidates.

Meaningful Insights

With just a few clicks, you will get a chance to have a glance on the performance of your firm and also various aspects of the recruitment process which will give answers to most of your recruiting concerns.

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