How can an Applicant Tracking System make Recruitment more Effective?

Whenever an organization comes up with staffing needs, recruitment team strives hard to fill those positions. But, recruitment is not as smooth sailing as it sounds. Recruitment process involves too many daunting stages where a recruiter posts a job, identifies a profile, screens an applicant and selects the most qualified candidates for the position. What more intensifies the recruitment challenges is the growing demand for the right talent. Finding right talent is just not enough in today’s competitive world. The recruitment process should be quick to source the candidate from the horde of competitors.

An applicant Tracking System (ATS) is specifically designed to improvise the process of recruitment. The features that are included in the applicant tracking system help to remove the hurdles that a recruiter exerts, and saves time and efforts to achieve the dire recruitment needs. Let’s have a walkthrough on how the applicant tracking system makes the recruitment process faster and quicker.

Minimize the Stress for Recruiters

This is the biggest boon that an applicant tracking system brings to the recruitment process. The software takes away the strain a recruiter spends in searching the profiles from different sources. The integrated search tool makes the recruiters get the profiles that fit best for the requirement in no time. Further, embedded resume parsing technology in ATS creates a fully profiled candidate record directly from the source.

Posting Jobs on Multiple Job Boards

Another reason to use an applicant tracking system is to make the recruitment process more productive by reducing the time and effort needed to announce a job requirement on different job boards. The Applicant tracking system automatically populates the job description and other necessary details so that a recruiter can publish jobs on various channels with a click of a button. Based on the needs, the recruiters can choose to publish a job on selective job boards and the company’s career page on a single click.

Source, Track and Manage Candidate Profiles

Managing candidate profile is more important in today’s fast-paced recruitment world. An ATS helps the recruiters find, source and manage candidate profiles throughout the recruitment cycle from sourcing to screening and on-boarding. The better candidate profile you maintain in the recruitment process, the better you perform in the field of talent acquisition. With a well-organized candidate pool, the system can easily surf through thousands of resumes and bring up the most qualified profiles in seconds for specific search keywords.

Saves Time and Money

ATS brings an end to the tedious recruitment process. From a single click job posting to intelligent candidate sourcing and customizable email templates, ATS takes the recruitment process to the next level where recruiters make the least manual effort to hire a candidate or to close a job requirement successfully. Also, ATS brings down the expenses an employer usually spends on the job boards and other hiring processes.

Meaningful Insight

In the recruitment business where the competition is at its peak, the business stakeholders need to have a constant check on their hiring performance. ATS makes a firm to have regular recruitment metrics, analyze the conversion rates, identify bottlenecks and devise strategies necessary to optimize the hiring process.

From the above 5 highlights, it is easy to understand that how an Applicant Tracking System can turn a slacking and passive recruitment process into an effective yet productive hiring process. So why do you snap at the heels of your competitors? Adopt ATS and do big in the world of recruitment.

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