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Drive Your Entire Workflow From One Place With Our ATS And Recruiting Software Features

Intuitive software, combined with outstanding service, is what you need to address your recruiting challenges. Using Talent Pathway features you can completely manage & monitor your entire recruitment process from anywhere. In addition, our ATS and Recruiting Software features will enhance your productivity.

Post, Track And Manage Your Jobs Across All The Job Boards

Make your open jobs reach everywhere on the planet. Talent Pathway relieves you from the tiresome process of manually updating jobs on various channels. You can announce open positions on multiple channels within seconds. Our recruiting software helps you weave a wider network on job boards that connect you to the most qualified candidates.

Search Right Candidates For Your Open Jobs In Seconds

Talent Pathway provides a simple and unified search tool to source candidates from various job boards. You can add candidate profiles from job boards into your talent pool within minutes. With Talent Pathway, you can narrow down a precise set of candidate profiles for your open jobs.

Create Candidates And Job Profiles From MS Outlook

Talent Pathway provides an ability to add jobs and candidates directly from your email inbox in MS Outlook. All job orders and resume attachments can be saved straight from your inbox into Talent Pathway with a few clicks. Our unrivaled parsing technology extracts essential details from email content and creates records in your jobs and talent pool with no data entry.

Unparalleled Resume Parsing Technology

No need to enter resume details manually. Simply upload resumes into Talent Pathway and get a well-profiled candidate record in your talent pool. Our resume parsing technology automatically extracts data from the resume, populates details in the appropriate fields and presents the candidate profile in the desired format.

Enrich Candidate Profiles Using Questionnaires

Create job-specific questions using custom questionnaires in Talent Pathway. This will help you
in adding more information to the candidate profile so that you can easily assess the eligibility of the candidates before you schedule an interview. The more you add custom questions, the more effective will be the screening process.

Create Candidate Profiles In Bulk

Our Bulk Upload feature enables you to upload a large volume of candidate resumes at once and helps you to create well-profiled candidate records in your talent pool by reading each resume from a zip file. With the bulk upload, you can either add new candidate records or update the existing candidate records in the talent pool.

Email A Job Description To A Large Group Of Candidates

It is very tiresome to send the same job description to one job seeker at a time. Our Broadcast Jobs helps you email a job description to all deserving candidates at one time. You can either send a job description to one candidate or many candidates with the click of a single button.

Create Job And Candidate Records Straight From Your Gmail

When you receive an email from a candidate, a vendor or an employer, our add-on enables you
to extract the data from the email or its attachments and will populate that information in a predefined format so that you can create a well-profiled record in your jobs or talent pool with little to no extra effort. You can even update the status of the candidate directly from your
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