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What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that speeds up the hiring process. Talent Pathway as an applicant tracking system provides the ability to sort and manage candidates, as well as post job openings, look at resumes, and find the most qualified candidates to interview.

What is Recruiting Software?

A Recruiting Software handles all the needs of your recruitment and staffing process. It helps to manage candidates, jobs, and clients in one place and be more productive.

Does Talent Pathway support migration of legacy data along with the subscription plan or it comes with additional price?

Migration of your existing data into our system is taken care by our support team. Various forms of input such as csv, excel, json can be easily uploaded into our application. No additional cost is levied for this migration.

What kind of safety is assured and how often the backup is taken for the data? How do we get a copy of it?

Our application runs on Amazon Web Services and therefore the entire data is safely saved in our cloud system. The backup is taken on a weekly basis for the entire data that is available on the cloud. In addition, a backup is taken based on the customer’s needs and is shared with them.

What kind of security is provided for the user’s data?

We understand the importance of your data and therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality of it. Also, each and every customer will get a separate instance in AWS and all the information is protected with different levels of authorizations to keep the data safe and secure.

Do you provide customized reports in dashboards?

All the reports in the dashboards can be customized to suit the needs of customer’s business. In addition, we can also add new reports based on the requirements of the customers.

Is it possible to integrate any new job boards to Talent Pathway?

Based on the customer’s preference, our development team can add new job boards to Talent Pathway. Currently, we are offering an easy integration with various job boards such as Dice, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Indeed and Career Builder. In addition, several job boards’ integrations are in the pipeline.

What kind of technical / functional support do you provide?

We provide 24x7 technical and functional support for all our customers. Tickets will be raised based on each and every issue and they will be resolved based on the order of the severity.

Is it possible to customize roles and permissions?

Currently, we have Lead Generators and Lead Supervisor, Recruiter and Sales Supervisor and Admin as Super User of the application. Each user has been granted certain permissions and the users work on the specific tasks that are assigned to them.

Can we export our report from TP?

Yes. It's one of our upcoming features to export reports to pdf/html/excel from our application.

Can the support team add our new requirements to the application?

Our business team in collaboration with the customer tries to understand any new requirement that is required and then discusses it with our technical team to check the feasibility. Based on the outcome of the feasibility study, the new requirement is implemented.

Do I need to install any software on the user’s system to work with Talent Pathway?

Except for a tool to open and edit word documents to work on the downloaded candidate resumes and other documents from TP, you don't need any other software to be installed in your system.

How does the business model work? Is it a contract/lease based one?

Our business model is very transparent and we don’t maintain any contract with the customers. The service is provided based on the subscription model you choose (monthly / yearly). Post the subscription period, the application will ask you to renew the subscription to continue with the service.

Is the demo free or paid?

Yes. Our demo is absolutely free of cost, and we don’t charge anything for it

Is there a free trial after demo?

Yes. Post the demo session, if customer wants to try our product, we will provide access to it for a certain period. Once the customer is satisfied with the product and wants to buy it, they can take the subscription by making an online payment.

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